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Optimizing the operational costs of websites in the era of Covid-19
BY divyesh.patel
4 weeks ago
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During these times of hardship where COVID19 is on one side, the near-recession is looming on the other. Businesses have taken a hit with minimal demand.?

Even though more and more people are adapting to “digital lifestyle” and are spending more time online, the revenues are nowhere nearer to what they used to be. Brands have cut down on ad spends and E-commerce are not doing any sales due to the supply chain situation.

The Future

From our experience in talking to digital News Media and Ecom businesses around the world, Cutting down on existing fixed cost, concentrating on organic traffic, improving user experience and sales conversation is going to be the future. Be it lockdown or aftermath of lockdown.

Next Steps

You might want to start looking at your website operations costs which is your existing fixed cost. Large News media and eCommerce websites attribute to 70% of rich media files like images and GIFs which constitutes significant content delivery costs. Also makes webpages heavy and slower.

The only way to address these challenges is by optimising images. Gumlet.com is a fully automatic image optimization and delivery service. Gumlet is designed to take away all the pain out of image management. With simple integration, it delivers up to 60% image optimisation. Optimized images would make your site load faster, improve SEO, and at the same time reduce the content delivery costs by 40%.?

Therefore it makes sure you don’t spend a penny extra on it and in turn save on your existing infrastructure and improves user experience give savings and improvements.

To achieve this Gumlet does the following:

  • Resizes images based on device size of the visitors
  • Compresses image without loss in quality
  • And converts them to image formats like WebP, SVG and JPEG based on browser optimal needs.

Check how much optimization is possible for your website through our analyser - https://analyser.zyxware.com/


Zyxware Technologies is an implementation partner for Gumlet. Whether your website is in ?Drupal or Wordpress or any other content management system, we can help you in enabling Gumlet in your website. Gumlet does all of the work on-the-fly. That means your original images and your current media management pipelines are unaffected by this. Yet from the instant the Gumlet goes live all the existing and future images are optimized before delivering to your users.

Reach to us for a free demo of Gumlet.


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